We are currently in development on a number of feature documentaries and video streaming events as well as on-going production for our clients.
with Sondra Barrett PhD - the Cellular Shaman. Get in touch with 100Trillion of your closest friends and discover the secrets of health, longevity and higher consciousness.
A feature length documentary currently in development.
is a global leader in planetary change -
built on principals of sustainablity, peace,
health and prosperity - Shift Network is a
unique organization committed to shifting
the world’s “operating system”.
is the world’s first and greatest deaf rock band. Steve, Ed, Bob and Paul are uniquely talented musicians who rock the house and inspire both hearing and deaf communities around the world.
supports individual and collective transformation through consciousness research, educational outreach, and engaging a global learning community.
Integrated medicine and healing with Dr.
Elson Haas - teacher, lecturer and author
of books on Health, Nutrition and